Technology of MARINEX :

1. The ovenproof glass, due to the characteristics of the employed materials in its composition, is resistance both to high and low temperatures.

2. Resistance. The products can be used to store food in the freezer at temperatures up to -40 oC or used in conventional oven and microwave oven at temperatures up to 300 oC.  However, Marinex must not be submitted to abrupt temperature variations (thermal shock).  Marinex bust not be directly exposed to stove’s burner, electric burners, hot plates or grills.  It must not be placed in pre-heated oven.  Do not place hot Marinex product on cold or wet surfaces and do not pour liquid or cold products into a hot Marinex.

3. Use Benefits:  broil in conventional oven.  Heating in microwave oven. Storage in refrigerator and freezer. Use in dishwashers.  Smooth surface that makes its cleaning easier.  Lighter and resistant pieces.  pieces in several formats, proper for any recipe.


 GD 6221  Small Square Roaster 205x182x50mm, 1.1Lt
 GD 6222  Medium Square Roaster 246x222x52mm, 1.8Lt
 GD 6342  Mini Oval Roaster 207x137x47mm, 0.7Lt
 GD 6343  Individual Oval Roaster 262x182x60mm, 1.6Lt
 GD 6345  Small Oval Roaster 300x210x63mm, 2.4Lt
 GD 6662  Medium Oval Roaster 350x241x65mm, 3.2Lt
 GD 6664  Large Oval Roaster 395x275x66mm, 4Lt
 GD 6495  Round Roaster 264x58mm, 2.4Lt
 GD 6532  Small Rectangular Roaster 296x178x50 mm, 1.6Lt
 GD 6534  Medium Rectangular Roaster 346x207x52 mm, 2.2Lt
 GD 6536  Large Rectangular Roaster 395x235x52mm, 2.9Lt
 GD 6538  Deep Rectangular Roaster 404x249x70mm, 5.3Lt
 PREDILETTA  Anti-Slider Handles
 GD 6496  Round Roaster 263x313x58mm, 2.4Lt
 GD 6535  Medium Rectangular Roaster 338x198x70mm, 2.7Lt
 GD 6539  Large Rectangular Roaster 365x228x70mm, 3.5Lt
 GD 6663  Medium Oval Roster 3510x242x70mm, 3.2Lt
 GD 6665  Large Oval Roaster 395x275x70mm, 4.2Lt